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The mission of the Curriculum Library at Black Hills State University is to support the research and teaching needs of the BHSU Teacher Education program. The Curriculum Library provides education students with important tools for understanding the importance of curriculum evaluation and use in the contemporary classrooms from pre-school to 12th Grade.

The Curriculum Library is located on the main floor of the E. Y. Berry Library-Learning Center. It serves the College of Education faculty and students with several thousand volumes of teaching resources, including videos, children´s books, games, textbooks, and professional materials.

Anyone is welcome to use Curriculum materials however a valid Buzz Card or Local Patron Card is required to check out library materials. All curriculum books and media materials are checked out for seven days.

Contact Sara Freng, Curriculum Librarian, at 605-642-6358 or Room 108 on the main floor of the library if you have any questions.

Curriculum Library Resources