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Curriculum Library Collection Development Policies

Overview of the Collection


Curriculum Library materials are collected free from sponsors/donors, primarily area school districts, in support of the University´s teacher education program. Materials provide our education students with important tools for understanding the importance of curriculum evaluation and use in the contemporary classrooms from pre-school to 12th Grade.


The collection primarily serves BHSU students and faculty members involved with K-12 teaching or pedagogy, as part of the BHSU Teacher Education Program. Materials can be used by other library patrons as well.

Broad Subject Areas Emphasized or De-emphasized

The collection includes curriculum materials and professional development resources that may be of interest to Preschool, K-12 teachers, and/or other education professionals. Key areas of focus are teaching techniques, pedagogy, classroom management, and curricula including K-12 textbooks, student workbooks, and teaching mediums of various types.

Collection Guidelines

Levels of Selection

The Curriculum Library collects teaching and professional materials in all subject areas at the K-12 instructional support level. All items are classified in the Curriculum Classification system. The majority of items are in the Curriculum Library main collection (CURR), while Kits and Realia are located in the CURR AV area. Oversized items are located in CURR OVERSIZE.

South Dakota Indian Studies kits are prepared and donated by the INED 411 class and therefore have their own classification (INED 411 NAME) within the Curriculum Library. These kits are located on the lower shelves of the Curriculum Library. They are always accepted into the collection and are not deselected at any time.

Type of Materials Included & Excluded

The K-12 Curriculum Library focuses on in-class teaching materials that are not normally purchased through E. Y. Berry Library Learning Center book funds. These materials include lesson plans, workbooks, textbooks, and teachers´ manuals. Educational DVD´s, children´s literature, as well as instructional software on CD-ROM are also collected.

Materials excluded consist of partial kits, incomplete sample kits, and incomplete volume sets.

Physical Formats Included & Excluded

Numerous format types are collected. While the majority of the collection is in print, a growing number of DVDs and CD-ROMs are included. The collection includes other formats, including kits, manipulatives, and educational learning devices.

Electronic resources are not a part of the Curriculum Library as such, but some K-12 electronic resources are available through the main library´s databases, such as in EBSCOhost´s Searchasaurus - Elementary School, Kids Search - Middle & Elementary School, and Student Research Center - High School & Middle School.

Microforms, audio cassettes, VHS, and filmstrips are no longer collected. They can be maintained within the collection if they are a relevant part of a teaching kit.

Publication Dates Collected

Priority is given to the collection of materials published within the previous five years and are in good condition.

All donated materials can be considered for inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

Materials donated by education instructors for class use are accepted if they are part of the class´s instructional tools, syllabi are other in-class requirement as requested by the instructor.

Curriculum Kits are accepted providing all materials listed in the bibliographic record are included and are within the five year grace period.

Realia and manipulatives are accepted if they are in good working condition with all pieces, relevant to classroom teaching techniques, and learning styles.


The majority of materials are in English, with an exception being classroom materials, such as textbooks for foreign-language instruction. Multicultural and English as a Second Language materials used in classroom instruction are also included.

Geographical Range

The collection focuses on the United States.

Interlibrary Loan

Curriculum Library materials are available for interlibrary loan. Borrowing libraries are provided a one month check out with renewals available. Large kits are loaned as per the ILL Librarian´s discretion.

Evaluation of Resources

The Curriculum Librarian along with College of Education faculty members will continuously assess these resources for value in teaching education and training.

Deselection (weeding)

Deselection is an ongoing process. Items will be deselected when:

Preservation and Replacement Guidelines

Frequently used items, especially those on required or recommended reading lists, syllabi, or core resources not necessarily weeded. The Curriculum Library has no replacement funds, so items that are “required” need to be acquired elsewhere if possible.