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Faculty Development Books

2011 guide to literary agents
Main Books PN163.G84 2010

A PhD is not enough!: a guide to survival in science
Feibelman, Peter J.
Main Books Q147.F45 2011

A beginner's guide to structural equation modeling
Schumacker, Randall E.
Main Books QA278.S36 2010

A first course in structural equation modeling
Raykov, Tenko.
Main Books QA278.3.R39 2006

A guide to MLA documentation: with an appendix on APA style
Trimmer, Joseph F.
Main Books PN147.T75 2010

A guide to faculty development
Gillespie, Kay Herr.
Main Books LB2331.72.G55 2010

A handbook of statistical analyses using SAS
Der, Geoff.
Main Books QA276.4.E88 2009

A new agenda for higher education: shaping a life of the mind for practice
Sullivan, William M.
Main Books LB2322.2.S85 2008

Academic advising: a comprehensive handbook
Main Books LB2343.A29 2008

Academic collective bargaining
Main Books LB2335.885.U6 A233 2006

Academic planning: the heart and soul of the academic strategic plan
Rowley, Daniel James
Main Books LA227.4.R687 2004

Action research essentials
Craig, Dorothy Valcarcel
Main Books LB1028.24.C73 2009

Action research: a guide for the teacher researcher
Mills, Geoffrey E.
Main Books LB1028.24.M55 2011

An administrator's guide to online education
Shelton, Kaye.
Main Books LC5803.P5 S44 2005

An educator's classroom guide to America's religious beliefs and practices
Hubbard, Benjamin Jerome.
Main Books BL2525.H82 2007

Applied data mining for business and industry
Giudici, Paolo.
Main Books QA76.9.D343 G75 2009

Applied regression analysis and generalized linear models
Fox, John
Main Books HA31.3.F69 2008

Applied statistics: from bivariate through multivariate techniques
Warner, Rebecca M.
Main Books HA31.35.W37 2008

Assessing academic programs in higher education
Allen, Mary J.
Main Books LB2822.75.A44 2004

Assessing general education programs
Allen, Mary J.
Main Books LC985.A55 2006

Assessing student learning: a common sense guide
Suskie, Linda A.
Main Books LB2336.S87 2009

Augmented learning: research and design of mobile educational games
Klopfer, Eric.
Main Books LB1029.G3 K585 2008

Bayesian Statistics: An Introduction
Will be in circulation soon.

Best Practices for Supporting Adjunct Faculty
Will be in circulation soon.

Best practices in adult learning
Main Books LC5215.B49 2005

Best practices in literacy instruction
Main Books LB1576.B486 2007

Best practices in quantitative methods
Main Books H62.B467 2008

Better than bullet points: creating engaging e-learning with PowerPoint
Bozarth, Jane
Main Books HF5549.5.T7 B6196 2008

Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful Web tools for classrooms
Richardson, Will.
Main Books LB1044.87.R53 2010

Building the academic deanship: strategies for success
Krahenbuhl, Gary S.
Main Books LB2341.K73 2004

Business research methods and statistics using SPSS
Burns, Robert B.
Main Books HD30.4.B875 2008

Case study methodology in business research
Dul, Jan
Main Books HD30.4.D847 2007

Case study research: design and methods
Yin, Robert K.
Main Books H62.Y56 2009

Cluster analysis for researchers
Romesburg, H. Charles
Main Books QA278.R66 2004

Collaborative learning techniques: a handbook for college faculty
Barkley, Elizabeth F.
Main Books LB1032.B318 2005

Conducting research literature reviews: from the Internet to paper
Fink, Arlene.
Main Books Q180.55.M4 F56 2010

Connecting Non Full-time Faculty to Institutional Mission: A Gu
Will be in circulation soon.

Critical issues for student affairs: challenges and opportunities
Sandeen, Arthur
Main Books LB2342.9.S26 2006

Data analysis for experimental design
Gonzalez, Richard
Main Books BF39.2.A52 G66 2009

Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models
Gelman, Andrew.
Main Books HA31.3.G45 2007

Data analysis with open source tools
Janert, Philipp K.
Main Books HF5548.38.O64 J354 2010

Data collection and analysis
Main Books H62.D38 2006

Data mining and statistics for decision making
Tuffery, Stéphane.
Main Books QA76.9.D343 T84 2011

Dean's list: eleven habits of highly successful college students
Bader, John B.
Main Books LB2395.B28 2011

Design Science Research Methods and Patterns
Will be in circulation soon.

Design research: methods and perspectives
Main Books TA174.D483 2003

Designing and assessing courses and curricula: a practical guide
Diamond, Robert M.
Main Books LB2361.5.D5 2008

Designing and conducting survey research: a comprehensive guide
Rea, Louis M.
Main Books HA31.2.R43 2005

Designing qualitative research
Marshall, Catherine
Main Books H62.M277 2006

Differentiated instructional strategies: one size doesn't fit all
Gregory, Gayle.
Main Books LB1031.G74 2007

Difficult conversations: how to discuss what matters most
Stone, Douglas
Main Books BF637.C45 S78 2010

Discriminant analysis
Klecka, William R.
Main Books HA31.4.K56 1980

EndNote 1-2-3 easy!: reference management for the professional
Agrawal, Abha.
Main Books Z1001.A44 2009

Essentials of online course design: a standards-based guide
Vai, Marjorie.
Main Books LB1044.87.V35 2011

Experimental design and data analysis for biologists
Quinn, G. P.
Main Books QH323.5.Q85 2002

Explaining research: how to reach key audiences to advance your work
Meredith, Dennis.
Main Books Q223.M399 2010

Faculty at Work: Motivation, Expectation, Satisfaction
Will be in circulation soon.

Fiction writer's workshop: the key elements of a writing workshop
Novakovich, Josip
Main Books PN3355.N68 2008

For the common good: principles of American academic freedom
Finkin, Matthew W.
Main Books KF4242.F56 2009

Going to the sources: a guide to historical research and writing
Brundage, Anthony
Main Books D16.B893 2008

Good start: a guidebook for new faculty in liberal arts colleges
Gibson, Gerald W.
Main Books LB1778.2.G53 1992

Handbook of ethnography
Main Books GN345.H365 2001

Handbook of online education
Bennett, Shirley
Main Books LB1044.87.B44 2007

Head first statistics
Griffiths, Dawn.
Main Books QA276.12.G75 2009

Higher education law: policy and perspectives
Alexander, Klinton W.
Main Books KF4225.A95 2011

How professors think: inside the curious world of academic judgment
Lamont, Michèle
Main Books LB2333.L36 2010

How to get research published in journals
Day, Abby
Main Books PN161.D39 2007

How to measure anything: finding the value of "intangibles" in business
Hubbard, Douglas W.
Main Books HF5681.I55 H83 2007

How to write a lot: a practical guide to productive academic writing
Silvia, Paul J.
Main Books PE1408.S48787 2007

How to write and publish a scientific paper
Day, Robert A.
Main Books T11.D33 2006

Information literacy assessment: standards-based tools and assignments
Neely, Teresa Y.
Main Books ZA3075.N435 2006

Information overload: a system for better managing everyday data
Pijpers, Guus
Main Books HD30.2.P558 2010

Innovative assessment in higher education
Main Books LB2367.G7 I56 2006

Intelligent data analysis: an introduction
Main Books QA276.I565 2003

Interdisciplinary conversations: challenging habits of thought
Strober, Myra H.
Main Books LB2361.5.S776 2010

Interviews in qualitative research
King, Nigel.
Main Books H61.28.K56 2010

Introduction to meta-analysis
Main Books R853.M48 I58 2009

Introductory statistics with R
Dalgaard, Peter.
Main Books QA276.45.R3 D35 2008

Key concepts in learning disabilities
Main Books LC4704.K49 2010

Keys to great writing
Wilbers, Stephen
Main Books PE1408.W58198 2007

Leadership in higher education: views from the presidency
Lawrence, Francis L.
Main Books LB2341.L247 2006

Learning objects and instructional design
Main Books LB1028.38.L437 2007

Learning spaces
Main Books NA6600.L43 2006

Leaving college: rethinking the causes and cures of student attrition
Tinto, Vincent.
Main Books LC148.15.T56 1993

Life on the tenure track: lessons from the first year
Lang, James M.
Main Books LB2836.L36 2005

Lifelong learning in action: transforming education in the 21st century
Longworth, Norman.
Main Books LC5215.L66 2004

Logistic regression: a primer
Pampel, Fred C.
Main Books HA31.3.P36 2000

Logistic regression: a self-learning text
Kleinbaum, David G.
Main Books R853.S7 K54 2002

MATLAB for beginners A gentle approach
Kattan, Peter I.
Main Books TA347.F5 K38 2007

MLA handbook for writers of research papers
Gibaldi, Joseph
Reference LB2369.G53 2003

Maximum likelihood estimation: logic and practice
Eliason, Scott R.
Main Books HA31.7.E45 1993

Missing data
Allison, Paul David.
Main Books QA276.A55 2002

New faculty: a practical guide for academic beginners
Lucas, Christopher J.
Main Books LB1778.2.L83 2011

On being a mentor: a guide for higher education faculty
Johnson, W. Brad.
Main Books LB1731.4.J64 2007

Patent It Yourself (Paperback)
Will be in circulation soon.

Patent, copyright & trademark
Stim, Richard.
Main Books KF2980.E44 2009

Practical research: planning and design
Leedy, Paul D.
Main Books Q180.55.M4 L43 2010

Professor mommy: finding work-family balance in academia
Connelly, Rachel.
Main Books LB2332.3.C66 2011

Profit from your idea: how to make smart licensing decisions
Stim, Richard.
Main Books KF3145.S75 2008

Promotion and tenure confidential
Perlmutter, David D.
Main Books LB2335.7.P47 2010

Proposal planning & writing
Miner, Jeremy T.
Main Books HG177.5.U6 M56 2008

Qualitative interviewing: the art of hearing data
Rubin, Herbert J.
Main Books H62.R737 2005

Qualitative research in business and management
Myers, Michael D.
Main Books HD30.4.M94 2009

Quantitative methods for historians: a guide to research, data, and statistics
Jarausch, Konrad Hugo.
Main Books D16.17.J37 1991

Reframing academic leadership
Bolman, Lee G.
Main Books LB2806.B583 2011

Regression basics
Kahane, Leo H.
Main Books QA278.2.K34 2008

Reliability and validity assessment
Carmines, Edward G.
Main Books H61.C26 1979

Research ethics: a reader
Main Books Q180.55.M67 R44 1997

Research methods for English studies
Main Books PR56.R43 2005

Research methods for cultural studies
Main Books HM623.R47 2008

Research methods in politics: a practical guide
Pierce, Roger.
Main Books JA86.P54 2008

Research methods in theatre and performance
Kershaw, Baz.
Main Books PN2075.K47 2011

Responsible conduct of research
Shamoo, Adil E.
Main Books R852.S47 2009

Rethinking the MBA: business education at a crossroads
Datar, Srikant M.
Main Books HF1131.D38 2010

SPSS essentials: managing and analyzing social sciences data
Kulas, John T.
Main Books HA32.K85 2009

SPSS for Intermediate Statistics: Use and Interpretation
Will be in circulation soon.

Shaping the college curriculum: academic plans in context
Lattuca, Lisa R.
Main Books LB2361.5.L38 2009

Social research methods
Bryman, Alan.
Main Books H62.B787 2008

Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics
Salkind, Neil J.
Main Books HA29.S2365 2008

Student engagement techniques: a handbook for college faculty
Barkley, Elizabeth F.
Main Books LB2342.92.B34 2010

Student retention in online, open, and distance learning
Simpson, Ormond.
Main Books LC5808.G7 S56 2003

Survey research methods
Fowler, Floyd J.
Main Books HN29.F68 2009

Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change
Will be in circulation soon.

Teaching 101: classroom strategies for the beginning teacher
Glanz, Jeffrey.
Main Books LB2844.1.N4 G53 2009

Teaching at its best: a research-based resource for college instructors
Nilson, Linda Burzotta.
Main Books LB2331.N55 2003

Teaching at its best: a research-based resource for college instructors
Nilson, Linda Burzotta.
Main Books LB2331.N55 2010

Teaching first-year college students
Erickson, Bette LaSere
Main Books LB2331.E76 2006

Teaching what you don't know
Huston, Therese.
Main Books LB2331.H875 2009

Telling ain't training
Stolovitch, Harold D.
Main Books HF5549.5.T7 S714 2002

Text mining: applications and theory
Main Books QA76.9.D343 B467 2010

The Essential Academic Dean: A Practical Guide to College Leade
Will be in circulation soon.

The Foundation Center's guide to proposal writing
Geever, Jane C.
Main Books HG177.5.U6 G44 2004

The SAGE handbook of grounded theory
Main Books H61.24.S24 2010

The Undecided College Student: An Academic And Career Advising
Will be in circulation soon.

The academic's handbook
Main Books LB1778.2.A24 2007

The basics of social research
Babbie, Earl R.
Main Books H62.B18 2008

The black academic's guide to winning tenure--without losing your soul
Rockquemore, Kerry.
Main Books LB2335.7.R63 2008

The coding manual for qualitative researchers
Saldaña, Johnny.
Main Books H62.S343 2009

The college administrator's survival guide
Gunsalus, C. K.
Main Books LB2331.68.G86 2006

The course syllabus: a learning-centered approach
O'Brien, Judith Grunert.
Main Books LB2361.G78 2008

The craft of research
Booth, Wayne C.
Main Books Q180.55.M4 B66 2008

The independent inventor's handbook
Foreman, Louis J.
Main Books T339.F67 2009

The last lecture
Pausch, Randy.
Main Books QA76.2.P38 A3 2008

The learning portfolio: reflective practice for improving student learning
Zubizarreta, John.
Main Books LB1029.P67 Z83 2009

The literature review: six steps to success
Machi, Lawrence A.
Main Books LB1047.3.M33 2009

The only grant-writing book you'll ever need
Karsh, Ellen.
Main Books HG177.5.U6 K37 2009

The transition to college writing
Hjortshoj, Keith.
Main Books PE1408.H636 2001

Time management for department chairs
Hansen, Christian K.
Main Books LB2341.H3217 2011

Time series analysis: forecasting and control
Box, George E. P.
Main Books QA280.B67 2008

Tools for teaching
Davis, Barbara Gross.
Main Books LB2331.D37 2009

Understanding research methods and statistics in psychology
Gavin, Helen.
Main Books BF76.5.G39 2008

Using SPSS syntax: a beginner's guide
Collier, Jacqueline.
Main Books HA32.C62 2010

Web 2.0: How-To for Educators
Will be in circulation soon.

Web-based instruction: a practical guide for online courses
Van Keuren, James.
Main Books LB1044.87.V36 2006

What the best college teachers do
Bain, Ken.
Main Books LB2331.B34 2004

What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy
Gee, James Paul.
Main Books GV1469.3.G44 2007

Winning grants: step by step
Carlson, Mim
Main Books HG177.C374 2008

Writing Up Qualitative Research
Will be in circulation soon.

Writing the NIH grant proposal: a step-by-step guide
Gerin, William.
Main Books RA11.D6 G47 2011

Writing with style: APA style made easy
Szuchman, Lenore T.
Main Books BF76.8.S98 2008

Your research project: how to manage it
Hunt, Andy.
Main Books LB2369.H843 2005