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Gift Policy

The E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center's goal in accepting gifts is to acquire only materials which are highly relevant to the University's needs. All potential gifts will be evaluated in terms of the collection development goals of the Library. These include:

In the case of gifts destined for the general collection, the primary contact is the Acquisitions Librarian. The Special Collections Librarian is the primary contact for gifts to the Archives and to Special Collections. The Periodicals Librarian is the primary contact for gifts of journals or magazines.

Individuals, corporations, associations, and others wishing to give a monetary donation, purchase new equipment or materials for the library or intending to donate materials valued at more than $1000 must be referred to the Library Director.

The Library will not accept gifts if donor restrictions will negatively affect the use of the materials or when their physical condition does not allow normal library shelving and use. The library is currently not accepting the following formats/materials: standard encyclopedia sets, VHS, textbooks, vinyl records, or cassette tapes.

The Library will retain gifts that add depth or breadth to the existing collections, support the overall collection development priorities, are relevant in terms of content and are in excellent physical condition. Material(s) not retained will be allocated in a manner that is advantageous to the library. This may be through discard, sale or donation.

The Library will accept gifts for which there are no restrictions regarding their placement or use. For example, even after the library adds a donation to the collection, it may be eligible for de-selection, or weeding in the future. Weeding is a necessity in order to maintain a current and useful collection.

The Acquisitions Librarian will evaluate donations upon their arrival. Out-of-state donors must first submit a list of books to be approved before mailing the materials to the library. Donations will then be reviewed by subject specialist librarians. When specialized knowledge is required to evaluate a gift, library staff may consult with faculty members or others with appropriate expertise.

The value of the donation shall be weighed against space limitations and cost of processing the material. Donations of titles already owned by the Library will be disposed of, exchanged, or sold unless in better condition than the library copy. In this case, the donated material will be used as a replacement.

The appraisal of donations to the library, for income tax purposes, is the responsibility of the donor. The library will not make an appraisal on a gift as it is an interested party in the transaction of the materials and is prohibited by law from doing so. If desired, a written statement describing the contributed property, while also acknowledging the date of receipt, may be provided for income tax purposes.

If you have questions, please contact the Acquisitions Librarian at 605-642-6357 or Rhiannon.Patterson@bhsu.edu.

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