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Black Hills State University
Digital Library of South Dakota

The tree
Fowles, John,1926-2005.

The remarkable baobab
Pakenham, Thomas,1933-

Discovering the universe
Kaufmann, William J.

Thoreau, Henry David,1817-1862.

The story of the American flag
Whipple, Wayne,1856-1942.

The forgotten
Wiesel, Elie,1928-

The book of clouds
Day, John A.

The Beatitudes and the Lord's prayer
Pink, Arthur Walkington,1886-1952.

Leonardo and the magic art cart
Bickett, Marianne,author.

The revenge of Ishtar
Zeman, Ludmila.

Disaster law
Lauta, Kristian Cedervall,author.

The weight of dreams
Bhagwat, Jeevan.

A river runs through it
Maclean, Norman,1902-1990.

Life after death
Echols, Damien.

Wiesel, Elie,1928-

Wiesel, Elie,1928-

The story of Thomas Alva Edison
Cousins, Margaret,1905-1996.

Ben Franklin of old Philadelphia
Cousins, Margaret,1905-1996.

Lakota ceremonial songs
Around Him, John.

Gilgamesh the king
Zeman, Ludmila.

Pioneer girl : the annotated autobiography
Wilder, Laura Ingalls,1867-1957,author.

Theory of harmony
Schoenberg, Arnold,1874-1951.

Discourse on colonialism
Césaire, Aimé.

Live from death row
Abu-Jamal, Mumia.