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Services for Distance Learners

Common Needs

Who is eligible for Distance Education services?

Services are offered to those Distance Learning students who are currently enrolled in only Distance Learning courses (offered by BHSU) and do not reside in Spearfish.

What services are offered?

Services include issuance of library cards (or barcode), reference assistance, and delivery of books and journal articles from our collection or via Interlibrary Loan.

How is a library card (or barcode) obtained?

You can retrieve your library barcode from BHSU Login Help. A library barcode is required to check out materials from the library and to place an interlibrary loan.

How are library databases accessed?

You can use all library databases from any on-campus computer without any login requirement. However, the BHSU e-mail address and its corresponding password are required to access online research databases from off-campus computers. Most research databases are available to off-campus students. You can retrieve your BHSU e-mail and its initial password from the BHSU Login Help system.

What types of Reference Services are available?

Services for distance students include checking citations, checking library holdings, answering questions regarding library databases and general guidance in conducting library research on a topic. Assistance can be obtained by using the Ask a Librarian link on the web page, or by calling the library Information Desk at 605-642-6250 Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 9:00pm, Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday 1:00pm to 5:00pm and Sunday 6:00pm to 9:00pm during the regular academic semester.

What materials are available for loan by Distance Education students?

The most common requests are for books and periodical articles, although any format of material can be requested.

How is material requested?

Items can be requested through the library web site by filling out the Interlibrary Loan form. Items can also requested by following the Patron Information link. Lastly, when viewing records in the SDLN library catalog, a request can be submitted by clicking the blue "Submit an Interlibrary Loan Request" button.

How long does it take to receive requested material?

If the library owns the material, it will generally be sent within two working days of the request. The time it takes to receive material from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan varies depending on the location and availability of the item, so in those cases, it is asked that a minimum of 10-15 days be allowed for delivery.

Is there a charge to request material?

The library will ship items to students through the U.S. mail. Distance Education students pay the cost of shipping books back to the library and are responsible for returning items by their designated due date. Students will be charged for overdue, damaged and lost items.

Is there a way to get online help searching the databases or looking for books?

Check out our instructional videos.

Contact Librarian

For additional assistance, please visit the Library or call Scott Ahola (Reference Librarian) at 605-642-6359 or Sara Freng (ILL Librarian) at 605-642-6358.