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Library Liaison Program

The library assigns a professional librarian to each school to gather information about library needs, to assist faculty with collection development in their discipline, to acquaint the faculty to library services and policies, and in general, to serve as the contact person for the school. The extent of each liaison's activity will be different; affected by the nature of the program, discipline, department, and school. This is to ensure that acquisitions are focused and responsive to the University's instructional and research goals and to ensure that faculty and students receive the best instruction, research assistance, and public service that University Library can provide. The library has available a complete description of the liaison program for perusal.

Collection Development

The library assigns funds to each of the six schools for faculty to purchase material. All materials obtained through the allocations to the schools, at the discretion of the liaisons and their faculty, will comply with the library collection development policy. Determining the criteria for selecting materials often involves discussion with relevant faculty in consultation with library staff. These general criteria will be found in the policy, and are the basis for donations and de-selection of material.


The library budgeting process is the responsibility of the acquisitions librarian. Allocations are set at a specific equal amount for all current schools as recommended by the acquisitions librarian and approved by the director. If one school does not use, or does not plan to use its allocation, then those funds may be used by another school. The acquisitions librarian also tracks the spending as the requests and orders are processed. Upon request of a liaison, or member of the academic team (faculty, chair, dean), the acquisitions librarian can provide the updated amounts available.


Liaison Program Purchases