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International Games Week

This year, the E.Y. Berry Library and Learning Center is participating in International Games Week by hosting themed days each day of the week. Below is the basic schedule for the week. Check back soon; we will be updating this page with details about the events of each day!

Please help us thank this year's local sponsors and affiliates:

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Game Week Schedule
Days Theme
Monday, October 30 Single-Player / Puzzle Games
Tuesday, October 31 Yard / Social / International Games
Wednesday, November 1 Board Games / Tabletop
Thursday, November 2 Video Games
Friday, November 3 Card Games

Monday, October 30

Single-Player / Puzzle Games

On Monday, we will have jigsaw puzzles, tavern puzzles, brain teasers, and the like. Every one you solve will give you an entry to win a $50 gift certificate for the Bookstore!

The American Library Association is running a 5-day digital puzzle hunt starting on 10/30! Check it out at http://games.ala.org/igw-2017-puzzle-hunt/

Tuesday, October 31

Yard / Social / International Games

Celebrate Halloween with some corn hole or ladder ball. If that's not your cup of tea, we'll also be arranging some social games through Res-Life. We'll also feature some traditional and popular games from the home countries of some of our international students, Native American students, and countries around the world.

Stop by at 3:00 PM to learn how to play some of these games from the students directly!

Wednesday, November 1

Board Games / Tabletop

Wednesday will feature board games and tabletop games. BHSU Professor Karl Lehman will be having a Kickstart Launch Party and playthrough for his game, "Mythica," starting at 3:00 PM. Local gaming store Dice to Mice is providing a variety of board games, so come play a tried-and-true favorite or try something new!

Join us for a 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Crawl for beginners--or anyone who would like to join!--from 7-10 PM.

We're still looking for some people who would be interested in running either Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons sessions. If you would like to help, contact Aaron Bauerly at 642-6956 or aaron.bauerly@bhsu.edu.

Thursday, November 2

Video Games

Our very own Buzz Arcade gaming club is organizing some video game tournaments, with some televisions provided by our local Karl's TV, Appliance & Furniture. We'll also be running demonstrations of our virtual reality (VR) system, powered by the HTC Vive. Check back for updated times and games!

Tournament registrations will occur at the time of the event. Winners get not only bragging rights, but also a sweet trophy, courtesy of the BHSU Bookstore and HeSapa Laser Solutions!

Registration will begin 30 minutes before the tournaments.

Games Start Time
Super Smash Bros. 4 5:00 PM
DDR, Lite Division 12:00 PM
DDR, Ultimate Pro Division 12:00 PM
Street Fighter II Turbo 3:00 PM

Also, let's not forget that the E. Y. Berry Library & Learning Center is home to a gym in Pokemon GO! Which team will hold the gym by the end of the day?

Friday, November 3

Card Games

We're ending the week with cards. Everything from classic playing cards to Exploding Kittens to Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.

At 3:30 PM, we'll run two Magic: The Gathering events--an Exhibition/Amatuer Tournament, as well as a Learn to Play Magic session. Seasoned players are encouraged to come teach and encourage the newcomers in the Learn to Play session. After learning to play, you can also head downtown for the weekly Friday Night Magic Tournament, starting at 6:00 pm at Dice to Mice!